Mental Radio

Tobias Yves Zintel &

Mutilated toy pigs, shoelaces and other curiosities pile up in the cellar to form an ever-growing heap. The Zintel family's father pulls more and more of them out of a dark hole in the chimney shaft. Who has systematically dumped them there?

In Tobias Yves Zintel's work Mental Radio, his own brother Marcus is the almost exclusively invisible protagonist. He is the absentee around whom the web of complicated family relationships is spun. A picture of the autistic man is collaged from found footage and reports from his parents. Why don't we see him? How obscure, segregated his existence seems. An oddball in society. He is passive, his family active. Without the latter, we would hardly know anything about him. Dependence. Then, an outburst. The Zintel family home is in flames because Marcus has set fire to his deceased sister's doll's house. He had stayed at home alone, a mistake. Once again. Chairs, cupboards, tables. Nothing is where it should be. The artist's brother sits distraught in the next room while his family around him tries to save what can be saved. The cupboard can still be put upright. Marcus' outbursts may leave cracks, but this family's house is still standing. (Lisa von Keitz)

About the video

Title Mental Radio
Year 2012
Videonale VIDEONALE.15
Length 00:42:18
Format 16:9
Country Germany,
Language German with English subtitles
Courtesy the artist and Barbara Gross Galerie
Specifications color, sound, single-channel video

About the artist

Tobias Yves Zintel
  • 1975 in Passau, GER.
    Studied at the Akademie der bildenden Künste München, GER

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