The Butterfly Story I

Marina Gržinić &
Aina Šmid &

The Butterfly Story I is a video travelogue of images, visual associations and sound effects in China. Our dreams to go somewhere far away escape the dimensions of ourselves. Nothingness is accomplished here by reversals of time in space and space in time. One sees how a tremendous impact is possible to achieve by technically reverting the linearity of time: going backwards with the simplest video switch is sometimes the most adequate measurements of our feelings and thoughts. (Marina Gržinić)

* We can only show an excerpt of this work in the online archive. For the complete version, please contact the artists.

About the video

Title The Butterfly Story I
Year 1994
Videonale VIDEONALE.7
Length 00:07:55
Format 4:3
Country Slovenia,
Language Slovenian with English subtitles
Courtesy the artists
Specifications color, sound, single-channel video

About the artists

Marina Gržinić
  • 1958 in Rijeka, CRO, lives and works in Ljubljana, SLO, and Vienna, AUT
    Studied at the Institute of Philosophy at ZRC SAZU (Scientific and Research Center of the Slovenian Academy of Science and Art), Ljubljana, SLO

Collaboration with Aina Šmid since 1982

Aina Šmid
  • 1957 in Ljubljana, SLO, lives and works in Ljubljana, SLO
    Collaboration with Marina Gržinić since 1982

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