Girl Power

Sadie Benning &

During a 'bad girl' youth Sadie Benning tried to escape from the outside world by changing the inside world. In black and white ultra close-up shots with a teetering camera and backed up by music from the alternative scene, she constructs a picture of her rebellious childhood. As a child, she escaped into the personalities of both male and female teenage idols and played hooky from school in an attempt to find out what she was made up of and where she belonged. One thing is clear. This little girl was not going to stay within the confines of society.

*We can't show this work in the online archive. An excerpt of this work is available on the Video Data Bank website. For the complete version, please contact the artist and Video Data Bank.

About the video

Title Girl Power
Year 1992
Videonale VIDEONALE.6
Length 00:15:00
Format 4:3
Country USA,
Language English
Courtesy the artist & Video Data Bank
Specifications b/w, sound, Betacam SP, single-channel video

About the artist

Sadie Benning
  • 1973 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA.

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