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In Momentum the viewer follows the camera on its path through a series of different places. Fragments of language, architecture, light and atmosphere refer to Italy. From a dark corridor, we stride through an iron gate that is swinging open onto a sunny street, and then effortlessly penetrate a window on the opposite side – as Veldhoen's work leaves the realm of filmed reality and seems to switch to animation. We pass through various rooms whose residents are characterised by songs heard in the background, then move out onto a terrace and over rooftops into a dark inner courtyard; we enter a dilapidated house and then arrive at a stream clogged by rocks and overgrown vegetation, which we follow onward.

This labyrinthine obstacle course is accompanied by various noises: steps, music and voices, the cries of swifts, the strokes of dove wings, bells ringing. With our eyes following the headlong rush of images, and soothed by the quiet, almost monotonous voice of the narrator, we as viewers are lost in reverie and share the narrator's train of thought which reflects the passing through rooms and along pathways. (Elisabeth Wynhoff)

About the video

Title Momentum
Year 2003
Videonale VIDEONALE.10
Length 00:05:50
Format 16:9
Country Netherlands,
Language English
Courtesy the artist
Specifications color, sound, single-channel video installation

About the artist

Martijn Veldhoen
  • 1962 in Amsterdam, NED.
    Studied at the Rietveld School of Art & Design in Amsterdam, NED