Fragments untitled #3

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Artist duo Doplgenger create video works which bring together art and politics. Their video Fragments untitled #3, which reworks excerpts from the 35th Eurovision Song Contest which took place in what was then Yugoslavia in 1990, is no exception. In their Fragments untitled series, Doplgenger employ the method of manipulating mass media images, as can be seen here.

The work begins with various shots of a loudly applauding audience. The camera pans across the stage, showing a performance of the winning song, Insieme, Italian for 'Together'. With the lines »unite, unite Europe«, the background music kicks in. A passage from the pop song is repeated over and over at reduced speed. This corresponds to a slow-motion effect on the visuals, which gives the whole scenario a threatening air. As journalists try desperately to capture a photo of the singers, the auditorium is plunged into chaos. We hear the repeated clicks of cameras, and see the corresponding flashes of light. Towards the end, the pitch of the music is drastically increased until it is little more than an almost inaudible crackling sound. Just before the moving image itself slides out of focus, we are shown close-ups of faces which resemble abstract patterns.

Doplgenger’s manipulation of the material gives rise to a turbulent, warlike atmosphere. The images of a show meant for entertainment are transformed into its opposite by Doplgenger’s manipulations. There is no pleasure in viewing the images, but rather a certain sense of unease. (Randi Camille Terjung)

* We can only show an excerpt of this work in the online archive. For the complete version, please contact the artists.

About the video

Title Fragments untitled #3
Year 2015
Videonale VIDEONALE.16
Length 00:06:20
Format 4:3
Country Serbia,
Language Serbian with English subtitles
Courtesy the artists
Specifications color, sound, single-channel video

About the artist


Isidora Ilić

  • 1979 in Novi Sad, YUG
    Studied at the University of Belgrade and at Belgrade Women's Studies and Gender Research Center, SRB

Boško Prostan

  • 1979 in Belgrad, SRB
    Studied at the University of Belgrade, SRB