Bacon's Dog

Dani Marti &

A naked man lies on an unmade bed. Arms and legs stretched out, his body at rest. The picture disappears into the darkness and is replaced by a close-up of the man’s torso and his right arm. The following sequences show, in details or as full shots, the bodies of two men who indulge in their sexual desires or lie exhausted beside one another. Sometimes the scenes alternate between the screens of the two-channel work, sometimes they are visible on both at the same time. In the room we hear the strident noise of traffic, the ticking of a clock. We also hear sounds made by the protagonists and their thoughts.

The video by Spanish artist Dani Marti is the intimate snapshot of the first sexual experience of Peter Fay, a 65 year old author, curator and art collector from Sydney. In his portrayal Marti, who himself appears in the role of the other man, lays emphasis on the hands, which serve both as an instrument for experiencing an unknown body and also to satisfy the sexual drive. They feel, touch and grasp the other person and further a new self-awareness. Before it came to physical intimacy between the two men, Peters laid his soul bare. In emails, which Marti handled in his video 'My Sad Captain', he gave an account of his childhood, his longings and his wishes without holding anything back. Both works were simultaneously premiered in Sydney in 2010. (Sonja Schacht)

About the video

Title Bacon's Dog
Year 2010
Videonale VIDEONALE.14
Length 00:11:30
Format 16:9
Language English
Courtesy the artist and BREENSPACE, Sydney
Specifications color, sound, two-channel video

About the artist

Dani Marti
  • 1963 in Barcelona, ESP.
    Studied at the College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales, Sydney, AUS, and the Glasgow School of Art, GBR