Obraza - The Offence

Karolina Bregula &

Clover – a totally nondescript plant. In Obraza - The Offence, a short film by Karolina Bregula, this plant exerts a strange fascination on the inhabitants of a conservative small town with the charm of plattenbau estates. An unbearable tranquility and avolition lies over the town, time seems to stand still. But in the midst of all the slowness, sadness and lethargy something is stirring. Leaves of clover are sprouting from the most impossible parts of a few people’s bodies. During daytime hidden under clothing, they are cultured in mini-glasshouses at night. In a cellar, four men are engaged for the organised culture of clover, plastic containers and earth are hidden in apartments. Where does this secret interest in clover comes from?

The film by the Polish artists episodically follows several characters who cannot resist the attraction of that which is forbidden, for the forbidden awakens longing. Longing for freedom, for life – for more. In Obraza, the mayor makes use of the paradoxical effect which the forbidden exerts on the human psyche in order to bring about change. But he can only plant a seed with his prohibition; the change develops its own momentum. The direction it takes can only be surmised. (Hannah Raspe)

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About the video

Title Obraza - The Offence
Year 2013
Videonale VIDEONALE.15
Length 00:20:30
Format 16:9
Country Hungary, Poland,
Language Hungarian, Polish with English subtitles
Courtesy the artist
Specifications color, sound, single-channel video

About the artist

Karolina Bregula
  • 1979 in POL.
    Studied at National Film Television and Theatre School in Łódź,POL