About Perspectives

In our new series entitled “Perspectives,” we invite persons from various contexts to compile from our online video archive a video program with a personal focus.

The archive consists of video narrations from all parts of the world that often differ strongly in terms of form and artistic expression. What they all have in common, though, is that they invite us to immerse ourselves in a different perspective in the moment of viewing, to engage with a narration in words, images and sounds which may have little to do with ourselves at first, but perhaps a great deal in the end.
We invite the viewers to ask: What does the work touch off in me? Which feelings, which thoughts? What questions does it raise for me? What answers do I find for myself? With whom would I like to talk about it?

The “Perspectives” series is an invitation extended by the Videonale at irregular intervals to open up new spaces of thought with art—in our case, with video art.

Image Credit: Installation view of Russel Hlongwane "Ifu Elimnyama (The Dark Cloud)" at VIDEONALE.18, Kunstmuseum Bonn, 2021 © David Ertl